Mari Tamaki successfully produced multiple music works that blurs the boundaries between classic, progressive rock, avant-garde, improvisation and collaboration with Butoh performance (contemporary dances).

As a composer, she has written musical pieces mostly for string quartet and other performers.  Her beautiful music works with elegance and dynamism maximizes the vivid fusion of strings sound, she is often praised as one of the most influential string quartet composers in Japan.

Her music works were performed in various scenes in Japan.   “Romantic Café,” a Japanese commercial TV’s weather forecast theme music, “SLANTY TOWN,” theme music of a recitation drama, “朝日で米を研ぐ(ASAHI DE KOME WO TOGU-washing rice in the rising sun),” theme music of a stage drama featuring Mr. Keisuke Sagawa, Japanese actor, and “Alouette
” theme music played in a theatrical drama performed by Theatre Mule
.  She released her first album of such music works collection which entertained various audiences at drama theaters, concert halls, art studios and at home, entitled as “the first movement, Ripple.”   Mari worked with a Japanese string quartet, “R-Aal”  that only played the musical pieces of Japanese origin.

She was interviewed by “ Inidi’pend Magazine,” “Mari Tamaki creates the new world of music with elaborative classical sound and innovative contemporary sound evoking progressive rock.” Mr. Jun Fukamachi, a Japanese composer and a key board player, praised about Mari’s work, “Mari Tamaki’s awesome musical pieces filled with unique approach and unexpected development keep audience thrilled and excited.”

special thanks to Tetsuko Takei , Akemi Nishigori