Composition, Arrangement

“The glass rabbit”
Recitation drama performed by the TV broadcasters in Tokyo

Composed and arranged music for theatrical performance entitled “The grass rabbit” which was a nonfiction story featuring a Japanese girl of 12 years old who survived alone in Japan devastated in World War II.    

Teatre Mule

Composed and arranged music for theatrical performance entitled “Aloueette,” which was a fiction story featuring Angel Aloueette who saved a soldier with mental anguish during wartime in France in the 18th century.

“Hakken Nagaya” a Row House partitioned into eight units
Manabu -za

Composed and arranged music for theatrical play looking at commoners’ daily lives at a house partitioned into eight units in the Edo period.

“Rakugoka vs Composer”

Composed music for Japanese classical Rakugo entitled UMAYAKAJI and AONA. They were reborn as completely new styles of Rakugo performance with Mari’s music.  

”Berlin to Broadway”
Group of Brecht

Arranged musical pieces of several musical theatrical numbers of “Berlin to Broadway” works composed by Kurt Weill.

Violin Duo Recital

Composed 2 musical pieces for violin’s duo strings played by University of Arkansas’ lecturers at the concert.


Produced  Commercial Music for Tokyu Livable “Hight Court Senzokuike”

Produced  Commercial Music for Tokyu Livable “Honjyo Lacious”


Mari participated in many albums as a soloist.

“Honey and Clover”  TV animation Soundtrack

“the Blue Butterfly”
Bajun Tobata


“Hikaru Sazanami” The shining Wave
Shin-Getsu(New Moon)

“ten zillion”
rumico(Rumiko Koyanagi)

Chiaki Ogasawara

“The Best of Your Song” Japanese TV songs

“Anta no Senaka” Your Back

“Yoake no Uta” A Song of Dawn
Nagisa Todoroki


“String Quartet Pop Covers “( Mari Tamaki)
Could have danced all night  Je Te Veux La Cumparsita When You Wish Upon a Star Moonlight Serenade


Cello improvisation with a Butoh dancer
@Istituto Italiano di Cultura ,Tokyo
@MASUMI – Sugamo,Tokyo
@Organ JazzClub – Nakano,Tokyo

Cello improvisation with natural ambient sound
@Fujitsu Kobe  @PACIFICO YOKOHAMA @MaiMai-Hall Saitama etc.

Brazilian music band

Rakugo-Japanese verbal entertainment
@Geino-Kadensha Shinjuku

NS Steinberger Demo Performance