Music magazine “Indie’pend’

Interview article on one of Mari’s works collection of strings quartet, “ripple,” in Indie’pend magazine.

YokooTadanori Museum of Contemporary Art

Review article on Mari’s collaborative works with a Japanese singer, Katsumi Kahashi.

Rakugoka vs. Composer (ONGAKU-JIN TSUSHIN)

Article on “Rakugo vs Composer Project” written by Mari.  In the project, Mari and a Japanese famous Rakugo performer tried Rakugo and cello’s collaboration and fusion, which greatly amused audience.

Chiba University college paper

Article on Mari’s cello performance at a reunion of her alma mater, Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University.

Japan congress of Mass Media Bulletin

Review article on Mari’s cello performance at Japanese artists’ union’s general meeting.

Theater Bulletin @Theater X ,Ryogoku,Tokyo

Mari’s report on Polish playwright, Jan Peszek’s theatrical play

Travelog in Beijing (ONGAKU-JIN TSUSHIN)

Mari’s travel writing on common people enjoying music at night in Beijing when she travelled to Beijing, China

Concert Review @TOBU community center-Chofu,Tokyo

Review article on Mari’s cello duo concert in Chofu City, Tokyo.

Otsuka Music Festival

Article on her performance in Otsuka Music Festival

Concert review (ONGAKU-JIN TSUSHIN)

Review article on cello and violin’s duo concert at Zoshigaya Music Hall.

Concert review

Mari played a cello at Casimir Saal in Kaiserslautern, Germany. After her performance, Kaiserslautern City mayor presented a muffler with Kaiserslautern Soccer team’s logo as a token of gratitude.

Travelog in Dessau,Germany (Popular music magazine)

Mari’s report when she played as a cellist at Kurt Weill Fest organized by Dessau City

Concert review (Tachikawa,Tokyo)

Review article on Mari’s strings quartet performed at SAIWAI HAPPY DAY concert